Customize theme

How to modify Saas UI's default theme.

All Saas UI components are themable and can be customed using component styles and theme tokens.

Read more about Chakra UI theming.


To create custom colors for your theme you can use the Saas UI Palette generator, Themera or create and export color palettes in Figma with SupaPalette.

Customizing theme tokens

To extend or override a token in the default theme, import the extendTheme function and add the keys you'd like to override. You can also add new values to the theme.

For example, if you'd like to update the colors in the theme to include your brand colors, here's what you'll do:

// 1. Import the extendTheme function
import { extendTheme } from '@chakra-ui/react'
// 2. Import the Saas UI theme
import { SaasProvider, theme as baseTheme } from '@saas-ui/react'
// 3. Extend the theme to include custom colors, fonts, etc
const colors = {
brand: {
900: '#1a365d',
800: '#153e75',
700: '#2a69ac',
const theme = extendTheme({ colors }, baseTheme)
// 3. Pass the `theme` prop to the `SaasProvider`
function App() {
return (
<SaasProvider theme={theme}>
<App />

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