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Saas UI
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Pricing for every stage

Get started for free with 40+ open source components. Upgrade to Pro
to get all components and features with a license for you or your team.

Open Source

Basic components, perfect to get started.
Free forever

MIT License

Auth (Clerk/Supabase/Magic)

Forms manager

Modals manager



Web3 components

And much more...


Complete frontend stack for bootstrappers and small teams.


One developer

Unlimited projects*

Advanced components

Multiple themes

Next.js and Electron boilerplates

Private discord community

1 year of updates

Private beta access

Early access


Unlimited license for growing teams or agencies.



Up to 20 developers

Unlimited projects

Everything from Bootstrap

Prioritized feature requests

Priority support

Introduction call

1 year of updates

Private beta access

Early access


Limited access membership for teams that want to get moving fast.

Starting at


/ month

Startup license included

Project setup

Design-system setup

Custom component development

Design services

VAT may be applicable depending on your location.

Frequently asked questions

How many products can I use Saas UI Pro for?
The single license can be used for unlimited self hosted SaaS products or internal tools and maximum one client project. You can buy as many licenses as you need.
The unlimited license does not have any restrictions.
Can I use Saas UI Pro for client work?
Yes, that's totally up to you, as long as it fits the license you purchase.
Can I use Saas UI Pro for Open Source projects?
No currently not. A large part of Saas UI is already released under MIT license. We try to give back to the community as much as possible.
Does Saas UI include Figma, Sketch or other design files?
Yes, we have a Figma community and pro version. View community Figma.
Does Saas UI have a Javascript version?
No, we believe Typescript is the way to go in order to produce highly productive and qualitative code that scales.
What does 'lifetime access' mean?
Saas UI Pro is a one-time purchase, with no recurring subscription. You will have access to all assets of the Saas UI library forever.
What does '1 year of updates' include?
We'll add new components and improvements to the library as we get new ideas and feedback, you will receive these updates during the first year. After that you can renew your license for a reduced fee.

We might release different stacks, for example for Vue and backends, these will be sold seperately.
I'm not satisfied, can I get my money back?
Yeah, no hard feelings. Saas UI is opinionated and might not suit your style, let us know within 14 days of your purchase and we'll refund your money.
Do you offer technical support?
Once you sign up you get access to our Discord community, where you can ask questions, report bugs or feature requests and get help from other customers.

If you require more specialised support or consultancy contact us at

Loved by developers and designers

Makenna Smutz

Founder - Heron

“Amazingly well thought-out set of components. I snagged them and have been able to create beautiful and functional UI super quick! This filter UI is some of my favorite 🤤”

João Tosto

Founder - Startec

“Saas UI is one of the most exciting dev tools I've tried so far. The pre-built components allow me and my team to develop our products much more easily and faster than traditional ways. If you are a single developer, a startup trying to launch a new product or even a scaling-up company, I strongly recommend Saas UI.”

Milan van Schaik

CTO - CultureKit

“In order to be able to build beautiful portals in an efficient way, we were we looking for a turnkey solution, with enough flexibility. SaaS UI is exactly what we were looking for. Eelco is very thoughtful. We had factored in that early adopting comes with some risk - but so far all any issues are quickly remedied and there are almost weekly new useful features for us!”

Felipe Barcelos

CTO - NotifyLog

“The SaaS UI was key to building my SaaS platform on NextJS. It allowed me to create my platform's UI quickly and easily, with many pre-made components that saved me a lot of development time. Also, the SaaS UI is very flexible and can be easily customized to suit my specific needs.”


Software Engineer - React Hook Form

“Imagine a well thought out SaaS UI with super cool integrations like @HookForm @chakra_ui and @date_fns that power the whole thing! Like WAT?!”


Software Engineer - Mintgate

“SaasUI is really great and helps me to focus on the core part for the mvp instead of spending time on the framework. I really enjoyed the dev experience in the first days.”

The React component library for startups.

Built by Eelco Wiersma