A command is used to show which key or combination of keys performs a given action.

The Command component wraps individual keys in a <Kbd /> component.


import { Command } from '@saas-ui/react'
<Command>shift H</Command>


All shortcuts should do their best to match what appears on the user’s keyboard. Use useHotkeys to manage and register your hotkey actions.

  • All single letters A-Z are uppercase.
  • For non-letter keys such as enter, esc and shift, stick to lowercase.
  • Use symbols (⌥ ⇧ ⌃ ⌘) as opposed to spelling things out.


The only punctuation you should need is the + to indicate that a combination of keys will activate the shortcut, used on Windows and Unix machines.


For a sequence of keys where one must follow the other, write "then" in between. Stick to lowercase to match the non-letter keys.

<Command>G then D</Command>

If two different keys can execute the same action or the shortcut itself may look different on the user’s keyboard, write "or" in between.

<Command>alt or option</Command>

Use in tooltips

Go to dashboard <Command>G then D</Command>

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