Clone the Git repository

Learn how to clone the Saas UI Git repository.

In case you have redeemed your license key and accepted the Github invite, you should now have access to the Saas UI Pro Git repository.

Clone the repository

To clone the repository on your local machine, use the following command:

git clone --single-branch --branch=main my-project

This will clone the repository into the my-project folder, without the commit history.

Setup Git

Now that you have cloned the repository, you can setup your Git configuration.

The saas-ui-pro repository is configured as the origin by default, you can can change this to upstream and keep origin for your own repository.

git remote rename origin upstream
git remote add origin

You can pull the latest changes from the upstream repository using the following command:

git pull upstream main --allow-unrelated-histories

As your codebase diverges from saas-ui-pro you will run into merge conflicts eventually, so at some point it might be easier to manually copy over any changes that you want to implement.

Install dependencies

This project uses yarn 4 to manage dependencies, you can install all dependencies using the following command:


Yarn is shipped with the repository, so you don't need to install it globally. If you run into installation issues, you can try to install the latest version of Yarn using the following command:

yarn set version latest

In case this doesn't work, enable corepack and run yarn again.

corepack enable

PNPM support

If you prefer to use pnpm instead of yarn, you need to set up the pnpm workspace.

Create .pnpm-workspace.yaml in the root of your project with the following content:

- 'apps/*'
- 'packages/*'
- 'saas-ui/*'

The recommended way to install PNPM is using corepack, you can enable corepack using the following command:

corepack enable

Install PNPM:

corepack prepare pnpm@latest --activate

Then run the following command to install all dependencies:

pnpm i

Make sure you also update the scripts in package.json to use pnpm instead of yarn.

Saas UI Pro components

The repository includes the source code of the Saas UI Pro core components, which are located in the saas-ui folder. These packages will be installed as part of the workspace. In case you want to install these packages from the private NPM registry, you can remove the saas-ui folder from the workspaces configuration in package.json, or pnpm-workspace.yaml in case you use pnpm.

After removing the saas-ui folder from the workspaces configuration, you can delete this folder and configure the private NPM registry. Make sure you also delete the SaasUIProPlugin from your Next.js Webpack configuration in apps/web/next.config.mjs.

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