Deploy to Vercel

This guide will show you how to deploy Saas UI Pro to Vercel

New or existing projects

The following steps apply to projects that use the private NPM registry to install the Pro components.

If you use the monorepo, follow the monorepo deployment guide below.

  1. Make sure you have configured the private NPM registry in your package manager.

  2. If you made changes to the package manager config, make sure to commit the changes and push them your repository.

  3. Copy the SAAS_UI_TOKEN from step 1 and add it to your Vercel project's environment variables.

Vercel environment variables
  1. You can now deploy your project and it will use the private NPM registry.

Deploying the monorepo

If you forked or created a new repository from the Pro template repository, follow these steps to deploy the monorepo to Vercel.

  1. Create a new project on Vercel.
  2. Connect your GitHub account.
  3. Find the repository you want to deploy and click import.
  4. Select apps/web as the root directory.
  5. Make sure Include source files outside of the Root Directory in the Build Step. is checked.
  6. Override the build command with;
cd ../.. && yarn workspace web run build
  1. Override the install command with;
cd ../.. && yarn install
  1. Click deploy and celebrate 🎉

For reference, here is a screenshot of the deployment settings.

Deploy to Vercel

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