Jun 30, 2022


I'm pleased to announce Saas UI Core v1 is officially out! 🥳

Special thanks to all the early adopters for your feedback and contributions.

The release of Chakra UI 2 and React 18 was a great milestone for the last push of this release. Moving forward, you can expect more components (DatePicker, Timeline, to name a few), and more examples and starter projects for all popular frameworks.

  • Getting started
  • Components

If you have ideas or feedback, feel free to open an Github issue or come hang out in the new public Discord channel.

  • Card now has a isHoverable property to support hover styles.
  • breaking: Updated to Chakra UI 2.1
  • NativeSelect now accepts chilren and doesn't throw if no options are passed.
  • Added Json Schema (ajv) support for AutoForm.
  • Added ErrorBoundary component.
  • Scale reset button icon based on the input size.
  • Add exports entry for ajv
  • Re-publish.
  • Updated to Chakra UI 2.2.1
  • Updated dependencies.
  • FormStep now supports an onSubmit handler.
  • No longer passing down label to input fields.
  • Updated all readme files, added better descriptions and links to docs and source code.
  • Option labels are now optional.
  • Added new RouterProvider and useActivePath now uses Router context.
  • ArrayFieldRowFields now accepts all FormLayout props (#48).
  • Stepper now accepts an onChange handler.
  • ArrayField no longer passing down items to the container element.
  • Initial release candidate
  • Field is now correctly typed based on the field type.
  • Fix vertical orientation for FormStepper.
  • Modern bundles now use .mjs extension.
  • Updated to Chakra UI 2.2.1
  • #50 - Fixed StepForm render prop types.
  • Fixed vertical divider rendering incorrectly.
  • Removed redundant ThemeProvider / CSSReset and GlobalStyles components.
  • AutoForm now renders children.
  • Fixed all theme onconsistencies.
  • Added missing dependency.
  • Spacing between pin inputs can now be configured.
  • InputField now has type="text" by default.
  • ContextMenu now passing down all props to the internal Menu.
  • Select now renders a hidden input with the current value.
  • New primary and secondary Button variant.
  • breaking: React 18 support.
  • Removed isPrimary and isSecondary Button properties, use variant="primary" instead.

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