Private NPM registry

How to set up the private NPM registry with Saas UI Pro.

All @saas-ui-pro packages can be installed from our private NPM registry. While the source code of these packages is included in the Saas UI Pro repository, you can use the private NPM registry to install them in existing projects.

Setting up a private NPM registry for Saas UI Pro is a simple process. You can use any of the popular package managers like NPM, Yarn, or PNPM to install Saas UI Pro from your private NPM registry.

The instructions are slightly different for each package manager, so we have separate guides for each of them.

Available packages

@saas-ui-pro/reactPro React components
@saas-ui-pro/onboardingOnboarding components
@saas-ui-pro/billingReact components and hooks for billing
@saas-ui-pro/feature-flagsReact components and hooks for feature flags
@saas-ui-pro/kanban-coreHeadless kanban primitives
@saas-ui-pro/kanbanStyled kanban board React components

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