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Saas UI
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Next.js boilerplate for modern SaaS products

Saas UI gives you everything you need to build beautiful and intuitive frontends.
Out of the box support for authentication, billing, multi-tenancy, and more.
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Used by indie founders and startups worldwide


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Not your standard
dashboard template.

Saas UI Pro includes everything you need to build frontends that scale.
Use it as a template for your next product or foundation for your design system.

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All premium components are available on a private NPM registery, no more copy pasting and always up-to-date.


Example apps in Next.JS, Electron. Including authentication, billing, example pages, everything you need to get started FAST.


Extensively documented, including storybooks, best practices, use-cases and examples.


Add user onboarding flows, like tours, hints and inline documentation without breaking a sweat.

Feature flags.

Implement feature toggles for your billing plans with easy to use hooks. Connect Flagsmith, or other remote config services once you're ready.


Components and hooks for upgrade flows designed to make upgrading inside your app frictionless.


Includes multiple themes with darkmode support, always have the perfect starting point for your next project.


Extend your design system while maintaininig code quality and consistency with build-in generators.


All code is available as packages in a high-performance Turborepo, you have full control to modify and adjust it to your workflow.

Image showing the Saas UI dashboard
Image showing the Saas UI billing settings

Building SaaS products requires you to be a generalist on many fronts. However many developers aren't very design savvy and vice versa.

Saas UI tries to fill this gap by giving developers an extensive set of beautifully crafted components built on best in class tools. While on the same time serve as a great foundation for designers to create their brand.

With Saas UI you'll save hundreds of hours building essential functionality for your product. Time that you can use to validate new ideas, find your perfect product market fit and build functionality that makes your product unique.

Eelco Wiersma

Founder Saas UI

Loved by developers and designers

Simon Høiberg

Founder - Aidbase

“At Aidbase, we're developing a framework-agnostic component library to support our various chatbots, ticket forms, and other widgets. It's challenging building something that's a great developer experience and performing well at the same time. SaaS UI has been a massive help in this.”


Founder - LocalXpose

“I really recommend SaaSUI to any developer or team seeking a robust, visually appealing, and easy-to-implement UI framework. The support and updates from the SaaSUI team were exceptional, Thank you. ”

Makenna Smutz

Founder - Heron

“Amazingly well thought-out set of components. I snagged them and have been able to create beautiful and functional UI super quick! This filter UI is some of my favorite 🤤”


Software Engineer - React Hook Form

“Imagine a well thought out SaaS UI with super cool integrations like @HookForm @chakra_ui and @date_fns that power the whole thing! Like WAT?!”

Tien Thinh

Software Engineer

“Saas UI is the ONLY template out there that does the code structure that I think can scale 😄”

Milan van Schaik

CTO - CultureKit

“In order to be able to build beautiful portals in an efficient way, we were we looking for a turnkey solution, with enough flexibility. SaaS UI is exactly what we were looking for. Eelco is very thoughtful. We had factored in that early adopting comes with some risk - but so far all any issues are quickly remedied and there are almost weekly new useful features for us!”

Felipe Barcelos

CTO - NotifyLog

“The SaaS UI was key to building my SaaS platform on NextJS. It allowed me to create my platform's UI quickly and easily, with many pre-made components that saved me a lot of development time. Also, the SaaS UI is very flexible and can be easily customized to suit my specific needs.”


Frontend developer

“Thanks to SaaS UI, frontend web development has become much faster, allowing me to focus more on business logic, which is fantastic. I have a feeling that it will significantly grow in the coming years. Thank you.”

João Tosto

Founder - Startec

“Saas UI is one of the most exciting dev tools I've tried so far. The pre-built components allow me and my team to develop our products much more easily and faster than traditional ways. If you are a single developer, a startup trying to launch a new product or even a scaling-up company, I strongly recommend Saas UI.”

Kai Pradel

Founder - Inkubator

“At Inkubator we build Saas companies and SaasUI is our go-to UI kit at the beginning of every project. Not only are the components beautiful and intuitive but the community is also highly engaged and supportive.”


Software Engineer - Mintgate

“SaasUI is really great and helps me to focus on the core part for the mvp instead of spending time on the framework. I really enjoyed the dev experience in the first days.”

Jacob Leuthardt

Founder - Frantic Software

“SaaS UI has let my business hit the ground running. Good UI is the foundation of good software and SaaS UI is what makes good software. Before SaaS UI, my UI was hand written in plain HTML/CSS/JS. Now it's an eye-catching experience that turns heads.”

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