Updates for Mar 15, 2022

Improved Form API


  • BREAKING: Removed Yup dependency, you now need to configure default Form resolvers

Form no longer accepts a Yup schema by default.

Use a schema resolver to use schema support. All hookform resolvers are supported.

import { yupResolver } from '@hookform/resolvers/yup'
const form = <Form resolver={yupResolver(schema)} />

AutoForm only supports Yup for now and has a new API.

import { yupForm } from '@saas-ui/forms/yup'
const form = <AutoForm {...yupForm(schema)} />

Alternatively you can configure a default resolver for all forms. Add this somewhere in the root of your project.

import { Form } from '@saas-ui/react'
import { yupResolver, yupFieldResolver } from '@saas-ui/forms/yup' // yupResolver is exported from here as well for convenience.
import { AnyObjectSchema } from 'yup'
Form.getResolver = (schema: AnyObjectSchema) => yupResolver(schema) // @hookform/resolvers
Form.getFieldResolver = (schema: AnyObjectSchema) => yupFieldResolver(schema) // AutoForm field resolver
  • Fixed peer dependency issues.

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