A modern clean dashboard ui that your customers will love.

The Pro docs a work in progress, while the project is in beta certain things might change and more documentation will be added along the way.

@saas-ui/pro is a complete frontend starter pack for SaaS projects and includes advanced components and tools for billing, onboarding, feature management, sign-up flows and much more. It comes with a boilerplate app that runs on NextJS and Electron.


Saas UI Pro is currently in beta, the first release is expected this summer. This release includes the following components, utilities and templates. Get early access by pre-ordering here.

Base components#

AppShell, Sidebar, Page, Toolbar, Filters, BulkActions, DataGrid, Onboarding, Charts, Timeline, DatePicker, DateRangePicker, FeatureFlags.

Pre-build template and components#

Authentication, Mocked GraphQL API, Paddle integration, Navigation, Dashboard, ListPage, SplitPage, Onboarding Flow, Contacts Module, Settings Pages, Billing Plans, User Management, User Profile Settings, Help Center.

Future releases#

These are some of the features that are plannend, the full roadmap is currently only available in the private Github repo.

This list is constantly evolving based on your valuable feedback 🤩.

  • File uploads (Dropzone / s3 integration)
  • Multiple themes
  • Changelog
  • Feedback dialog
  • Rating component
  • CLI (scaffolding / generators)
  • DataGrid virtualization

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