Say hello to Saas UI

Eelco Wiersma / 01/27/2022
1 min read

I'm proud to introduce you to Saas UI, an advanced component library built on top of Chakra UI. Over the years I've worked on countless web applications and SaaS products, Saas UI is an accumilation of everything I've learned building these apps. It basically is the frontend framework I've always wanted.

There hasn't been a better time to build web applications, the innovations that have come out in recent years are incredible and allow us to be extremely productive. Saas UI's goal is to leverage these techniques and create the ultimate development framework for startups.

Saas UI is still in development, but the first Open Source components have been released already. Check out the documentation to see it in action and get a better idea about what to expect next.

In meantime we'd really appreciate if you star our Github repository.

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