Introducing the new Glass theme for Chakra UI

Today I'm happy to announce that the new Glass theme for Chakra UI I've been working on is now available for download.

Eelco Wiersma / 12/12/2022
2 min read

The new theme is heavily inspired by the new Linear design and the glassmorpism trend. It's perfect for creating modern minimalist web applications and works very well on top of the default Saas UI theme.

One of the standout features of the new Glass theme is its use of transparent elements. This adds a sense of dept and layering inside your application, giving it a more sophisticated and dynamic look. The transparent elements also help to create a sense of visual continuity, making your UI look more cohesive, polished and simply very sexy 😍

The theme is still in beta, but I would really love to get your feedback. You can install it from NPM or download the source code directly from Github.

npm i @saas-ui/theme-glass

Adding it to your theme:

import { extendTheme } from '@chakra-ui/react'
import { theme as baseTheme } from '@saas-ui/theme-glass'
export const theme = extendTheme(
// your overrides

See it live in action on the new Themes page or in the Storybooks.

A big shout out to the Linear team, as they are a huge inspiration and they really raised the bar for how we build modern web applications.

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