Private NPM using PNPM

Install Saas UI Pro components from a private NPM registry.

Configuration is slightly different for each package manager, so it's important to follow the steps for the package manager you are using in your project.


In your project root folder you can run this and enter your Github username as user and license key as password.

pnpm login --registry= --scope=@saas-ui

Now run npm i @saas-ui/pro to install the Pro components.

Manual & CI configuration.#

The following steps are required to deploy your project or run it on CI.

PNPM expects auth to be base64 encoded, so make sure SAAS_UI_TOKEN is encoded.

echo -n 'GithubUsername:licenseKey' | base64

Add your auth token to shell profile ~/.bash_profile and add it to environment variables of your deployment or CI.

export SAAS_UI_TOKEN="base64 encoded token"

If you configure this on your local machine, make sure the restart your terminal or run source ~/.bash_profile, to make sure the token is loaded.

If you're having troubles generating a working base64 encoded string, try this website.

Then edit .npmrc in the root of your project and add the following lines.


Now run pnpm i @saas-ui/pro to check if the configuration was succesful.

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