Setting up Next.js with Saas UI Pro

This guide will show you how to configure Next.js with Saas UI Pro.

The Pro packages are published in Typescript, this might not work out of the box with your app. You'll need to configure your bundler to transpile the Pro packages to plain Javascript.

  • @saas-ui/pro
  • @saas-ui/billing
  • @saas-ui/charts
  • @saas-ui/date-picker
  • @saas-ui/features
  • @saas-ui/onboarding
  • @saas-ui/router


Edit next.config.js and add a custom webpack config. This will work for both Babel and SWC transpilers.

module.exports = {
webpack: (config, { defaultLoaders }) => {
test: /node_modules\/@saas-ui\/(pro|billing|charts|date-picker|features|onboarding|router)\/.*\.tsx?/,
use: [defaultLoaders.babel],
return config

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